Monday, April 30, 2007

New to do list

Knocked a few things off. Decided to not have a wedding cake. Decided to have the rehearsal dinner in the church fellowship hall. So here is the new list:

me - Dress Alterations
me - Earrings
Meet with Pastor / organist
Finalize reception menu
Arrange with church to have the rehearsal dinner
Call Aunt Linda with count for rehearsal dinner
Abby - tights
Cleaning lady to come Friday 5/25
Complete DJ info sheet and mail
Go shopping for clothes for Hawaii!!!
Go buy some new make-up for the wedding
Brad Ivory Dress Shirt
Brad Tie
Tanning Appointment
Marriage License

Four weeks from right now we will be landing in Hawaii! I cannot wait!

Ok, I feel better now.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Yes, I am. I am trying to lose 5 lbs and an inch or two around my waist in the next four weeks. I am right now realizing just how out of control my eating has been, cause these cravings are killing me. I almost pulled the wheel out of Brad's hand and drove into a Taco Bell earlier today, but I controlled the urge. Let's see, two days in, and I have only cheated by eating 3 mini chocolate chip cookies, a stack of pringles (but not the whole can!), and I did drink a diet coke. (trying to not do the caffiene). Perhaps this diet is a little strict for a bride full of stress. But Hawaii and $800 in wedding pictures, and it is worth it. I will feel better if I am down a little.

Ok, today, I got some fabulous shoes, a handbag and some other essentials (aka spanks). So I've knocked a few things off the list. Decided to forgo the wedding cake. Who needs it? The meal comes with dessert. And I was never one to like the whole feeding eachother cake thing... I have visions of Brad smashing it in my face, and then Clayton, Mike and Abby following his lead and starting an all out food fight. So icksnay on the akecay.

We picked our first dance. Shall I share? Hmmmmm

More than Love by Los Lonely Boys
We were in love before
But now it's so much more
Cause when I kiss your lips I can't explain
What I feel in my heart for you
I don't know what I'd do
Baby if I lost you
Cause I've been without you and I know how it feels
And I can't be alone anymore
I know its more than love
Baby I can feel it
When I'm close to you
I know its more than love baby do you

Perhaps I will figure out how to upload a song on to Blogger... but not tonight.

Well, Monday mornings and me don't mix. Got three young ones to get to bed. Goodnight.

Friday, April 27, 2007

4 weeks, 1 day, & 23 hours

This first entry is dedicated to my good friend, Pentha. She was disturbed that there was a blogger identity for "Brad & Trish" but no Blog attached! So here you go, Alicia! The second reason this is dedicated to Pentha, is because my true motivation in started today was to use this as a place to keep my "to do" list. And Pentha is the queen of To-do. In just 4 weeks and 2 days, I will walk down the aisle to become Mrs. Patricia Curry. And as much as I would like to pretend that this wedding is going to be simple, it is anything but!

4 weeks, 1 day, & 23 hours

That is how long I have to get ready. Here is what is on the "to do" list as of today:

  • Wedding Cake. If we plan on cutting a cake, I really need to find someone to make one. Any bakers out there that wouldn't mind making a small wedding cake and delivering it to the middle of no where on a Sunday of Memorial Day weekend??? Ok, didn't think so. Perhaps we will just forgo this time-honored tradition, and just let ya'll eat the cake that comes included with the buffet dinner. (and I ain't kidding!)
  • Dress Alerations. Unless I am somehow going to grow a couple inches, and hit about 5'2 in the next 4 weeks, I will need a seamstress to hem my dress.
  • Shoes. I ordered them online. Pray that they fit and I can walk in them.
  • Spanks. I need not say more on this one.
  • Jewelry. Find ad for gorgeous pearl and diamond earrings and leave it wear Brad will get the hint. OH, and go to Claire's Boutique and get some cheapos as a back-up plan.
  • Make appointment with minister to finalize ceremony plans
  • Make appointment with Kennedy's to make final arrangements on the food and drink selections
  • Rent a canopy for the yard for rehersal dinner. Pray it does not rain.
  • Call church to see if we can borrow chairs and tables for rehersal dinner
  • Call Brad's Aunt with count of how many people we are having at this pre-wedding wedding. (yes, it seems the numbers are rising) . Brad's aunt is catering this event as her wedding gift to us! Hurray! I will not have to serve crappy central illinois pizza to my Chicago relatives!
  • Michael - Shoes
  • Abby - tights
  • Abby - Haircut
  • Cleaning lady to come Friday 5/25
  • Nail Appointment for me Friday 5/25
  • Complete DJ info sheet and mail
  • Go shopping for clothes for Hawaii!!!
  • Go buy some new make-up for the wedding
  • Oh, I need a purse for the wedding
  • Brad - Ivory Dress shirt - ask him his size and tie
  • Brad - Are you really going to wear your old black dress shoes???
  • Tanning. I need to tan before the wedding. Would not want to be lobsterized in Hawaii

Ok, if you add to this list that I have to juggle three kids baseball schedules (one of which I am coaching), tap and ballet lessons and recitals, and no time to really take off work if I want to be able to go on my honeymoon... and I am a bit freaked out.

But, it will all get done, right? And if not, well, no biggie. I'm still going to be Mrs. Patricia Curry in 4 weeks, 1 day, 22 hours and 45 minutes.

aka. the future Mrs. Curry
aka. Bridezilla