Friday, September 7, 2007

Homework Fun

I am the proud mother of three wonderful children. That being said homework x 3 = Insanity! Yes, that is an actual math equation, I do believe. Last night I was helping Clayton with his spelling words. Today was the test, and his teacher creativelysent home spelling tic tac toe. Where instead of just studying the spelling words in the old fashioned boring way, she came up with 12 "fun" ways to spell your words. Here is the trick... all three ways need to be in a row (ie the tic tac toe part!)

Of course I pull out the sheet to discover that the last method of spelling for the row was....

Spell all your words in shaving cream.

So, what's a mom to do? Go to the dollar store and buy a can of shaving cream, why of course! So, I set him up in the bathtub with his shaving cream, and I call the words out. What I did not realize until half way through the list is that you're supposed to spread the cream out, and they write with their finger in the shaving cream... No, I had the little guy acting like a full fledged grafitti artist with his can of shave. Wish I had the camera... it was quite a site. By the end, we both had shaving cream in our hair and he was slipping around in the tub having a blast.

Here is the kicker... the boy who mispelled 6 out of 12 words just 24 hours earlier didn't miss a word in the shaving cream. I hope he does as well on the test with his pencil and paper. Maybe I should suggest they actually take the test in shaving cream next time!

Anyway, it was a really good bonding experience for me and my new son, and I thought I would share.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Get Moving

That's my motto for 2007.

I'm moving. I'm changing. It is slower than I 'd like, but I am still going to do it.

Week four is going well. I took this morning off to stay in bed and cuddle with my hunny, but I will hit the gym tonight while my son is at Soccer Practice. You would be so proud of me... I went out of town this weekend, and stayed at my mom's house on Friday night. I woke up Saturday morning at 6am, used her weights, and then walked 2 miles... all before I had to be on the road again at 8. Woo Hoo!!! Yeah me!!!

I'm not going to worry about scales and pant sizes. Not now. It will take time. I'm just going to keep making better choices... choosing to get up and move instead of stay in bed and sleep. Choices to eat something lean and healthy instead of something fast and fattening. I ate a McDonald's cheesburger on Monday and it tasted sooooo disgusting. Yes, fast food is losing it's appeal to me. I think the fast food industry is criminal, the way they market to us and our children. It was my choice to eat that crap over the past five years, cause it was quick and easy, and my life was stressful. Now I am saying NO. No More. It doesn't take that much effort to grill a chicken breast and steam some veggies. And it tastes so much better.

Thanks to all of you for your support. It means so much to me. And Anja, there is plenty of flubber on this 5 ft. body... but soon to be less. lol! Hope you are enjoying Holland and your family.

Linda, keep pumping the water. And the Drumsticks are probably freezer-burnt and will taste like cr&p! Toss em!!! Love you madly, dear!

I am seriously thinking about trying Alli, as I have been doing quite well at limiting my fat and calorie intake... wonder if it works.... ah, I'm too cheap. Think I'll keep doing it the natural way.

Off to work... thanks for reading