Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I feel like crap and I wish I could go lay down, sleep comfortably, wake up and have the baby. I wish I could stop screaming at my kids. I have no patience. I am ticked off that a 3rd grade teacher thinks it is ok to plan a huge geography test, a huge math test, AND a book report all to be due Thursday and Friday of this week. (a holiday week, none the less.) I'm tired of this same teacher not being able to pick her battles with a child who struggles so much in school, that she has keep him in from recess and send a note home cause he was staring off and not paying attention in math class. Ok, so the kid spaced out and didn't know what problem you were on when you called on him. GIVE ME A BREAK. He didn't hurt anyone today. He didn't get in a fight, say something inappropriate, forget his homework, HE SIMPLY SPACED OUT FOR A MINUTE! Don't we all? It appears that he can do nothing right in this very young and inexperienced teacher's eyes, and my hormonal, irritable, pregnant self is about ready to go off on her. UGH.

I am tired of my kids being nasty to eachother. They can fight about anything. I swear, they can go on arguing about whether the sky is blue for hours. Funny thing is that in MOST of these stupid arguments, NONE of them knows what they are talking about. They are all wrong, and I find that quite humorous.

Speaking of kids... WHY can they never put there homework in their folder and folder in their backback? Why can they never find their shoes without me? WHY do I have to remind them to brush their teeth? Put clothes in the hamper? Make beds? Flush toilets? Turn off a light? One would think they'd start doing this stuff just to stop having to hear me tell them to do it.

OH, where is that loving, patient, kind mother I always thought I'd be?

Please tell me this is hormones and a serious lack of quality sleep that is making me so irritable and moody. I'm so irritable, that I'm bugging myself.

Oh sweet Jesus, bring me peace of mind.

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